Bankers Mortgage Center offers great rates on home loans and other financial options to fulfill our clients’ dreams. We provide different services to meet every customer’s individual requirements and become your assistance in any financial needs. Choose one of our products online or contact one of our experienced loan officers for a detailed explanation.

Fixed Rate Conforming

Conforming long-term, fixed rate loans are available with a variety of term lengths. The most popular are 30 and 15 year terms.
Maximum Amount: $417,000

100% Loan Options

USDA Rural Housing Program is available. Property must qualify and borrower income cannot exceed certain limits. Please call for qualifying.
Maximum Amount: $417,000

Home Equity

Let your house work for your needs with a home equity loan or credit line. Use the money to improve your home, consolidate debts, or cover any other expenses. Please, contact us for qualifying.
Terms: 20 years 
Maximum amount: up to 85% of your home value

Personal Loans

Personal loans have fixed monthly payments during the loan lifetime. Spend the money for any purpose without limits. No additional charges and fees. Call a Lender for more details.
Terms: 5 years
Maximum amount: up to $100,000

Fixed Rate – Non-Conforming (Jumbo)

Non-conforming or Jumbo loans are for loan amounts above $417,000. Most of the conforming loan programs and features are the same for non-conforming. However, a few documentation differences apply. Call a Lender for more detailed explanation.
Maximum Amount: $2,500,000

ARM – Non-conforming (Jumbo)

Non-conforming (Jumbo) ARM Loans are for amounts above $417,000. These loan features are similar to conforming however there are a few documentation differences. Call a Lender to discuss.
Maximum Amount: $2,500,000

Vehicle Loans

Various options for new and used auto or other vehicles with up to 95% financing. Terms and conditions depend on the car year.
Terms: up to 7 years
Maximum amount: up to 95% of your vehicle value

Bad Credit Loans

Financial assistance for customers with previous payment delays and issues. Available at competitive rates with any credit. Please, call us to clarify the details.
Terms: up to 2 years
Maximum amount: $5,000

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

ARM loans have a fixed rate for 1 – 7 years, depending on the option selected initially when the loan is closed. However, after the fixed period, the rate is subject to change annually thereafter.
Maximum Amount: $417,000

FHA Fixed Rate Mortgage

Term: 30 years
Maximum Amount: $271,050